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Forest Lake
Our Programs
Rental Assistance
Utility Assistance
  • Must be behind on utility payment

  • May not be in Section 8 or subsidized housing

  • Applicant's name must be on utility bill

  • Submit an updated utility bill with application 

  • Submit proof of your last payment. We can match this payment up to $400

  • You must be at risk of homelessness

  • We do not accept applications during the moratorium 

Security Deposit Assistance
Property Tax Assistance
  • Must be at risk of property lien (at least 2 years behind)

  • Must be owner occupied

  • Submit an updated property tax statement with application 

  • Submit proof that you are current on your mortgage

Mortgage Assistance
  • Must be at risk of foreclosure (at least 2 months behind)

  • Delinquent balance may not be over $3,500.00

  • Must be owner occupied

  • This must be your primary residence

  • Submit an updated mortgage statement with application 

  • Submit proof that you are current on your property taxes

home repair.png
Major Home Repair/Expense Assistance

Homeowner Insurance or

Association Fees

  • Must be at risk of policy cancellation or collection. Send us a copy of your past due bill with your application.

  • Submit an updated property tax statement with application

Repair/Septic/Water Heater Assistance

  • Please note the details of your repair needs in your application. An estimate and/or invoice will be required.

Application Guidelines
  • We do not have funding for hotels/motels.

  • We serve 69 counties in Wisconsin. We do not have funding for Dane, Racine, and Milwaukee Counties.

  • Applicants must be under the 50% County Median Income

  • Housing must be affordable going forward.

  • Must have income or proof of potential income—this includes unemployment, child support or other sources.

  • If you are applying for social security disability or other benefits, you must submit an award letter.

  • If delinquent due to theft, you must submit police report with application.

  • If delinquent due to other expenses, submit receipt(s) with application. 

  • You may apply for 1 type of assistance every 3 years. 

  • Applications are typically processed within 5 business days.

Prefer to download/print a paper application or form?

  • Application PDF | .doc

  • Landlord Verification: Rental Assistance PDF | .doc

  • Landlord Verification: Security Deposit PDF | .doc

  • Employment Verification PDF | .doc

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