Image by Sharon McCutcheon

Front-Line and Essential Workers Program

“Preventing, preparing, and responding to  the COVID - 19 pandemic” 

During our time, we have helped hundreds of families achieve home-ownership, provided  critical assistance to save thousands of people from eviction, foreclosure, and tax liens, and  aided Wisconsinites with countless other  hardships. Now, we look to provide assistance to essential workers and their families in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. 
The Foundation for Rural Housing has identified essential workers with families as a population that has been largely neglected by other relief efforts. As they haven’t lost their source of  income, they may not qualify for COVID-19  related aid programs. Our efforts are targeted to aid them by providing nutritional assistance,  personal protective equipment (PPE), as well as mental health resources. 


Mental Health Resources


Mental health resources will be included in care packages to promote mental health care services that could be essential to maintaining a happy and healthy life for Wisconsin's front-line workers.

PPE Care Packages


Eligible applicants will be sent some of the essentials that are needed to prepare for a prolonged fight against COVID-19. Some items that will be included are basic necessities, like masks and hand sanitizer, while other items will be aimed at promoting fun activities for families, like playing cards and pencils.

Grocery Gift Cards


Gift cards to grocery stores will be included with care packages for eligible families. These gift cards are meant to supplement some of the added expenses that families are facing during this pandemic.