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Foundation for Rural Housing


Qualifications for Assistance for Critical Assistance 

This may result in an automatic denial for emergency assistance

  • We do not have funding for hotels/motels/boarding houses

  • We serve 69 Counties in Wisconsin. We do not have funding for Dane/Racine/Milwaukee counties

  • Must be under the 50% County Median Income 

  • Housing must be affordable going forward

  • Must have income or proof of potential income, this includes unemployment, child support or other sources

  • If you are applying for social security disability or other benefits, you must submit an award letter

  • If delinquent due to theft, must submit police report with application

  • If delinquent due to other expenses, submit receipt(s) with application 

  • We do not pay towards the first month of rent or utilities


Critical Assistance Programs

You may apply for 1 type of assistance every 3 years

Moving Truck

Security Deposit Assistance

  • Must have a valid/emergency reason for moving

  • Rent cannot be over the Fair Market Rate 

  • Submit a complete application including the Landlord Verification form.

Modern Apartment Block

Rental Assistance

  • Must be delinquent on rent

  • May not be in Section 8 or subsidized housing

  • Rent cannot be over the Fair Market Rate

  • Submit a completed Landlord Verification form with application

  • Your landlord must agree that our payment will stop the eviction process


Mortgage Assistance

  • Must be at risk of foreclosure (at least 2 months behind)

  • Delinquent balance may not be over $3,500.00

  • Must be owner occupied

  • This must be your primary residence

  • Submit an updated mortgage statement with application 

  • Submit proof that you are current on your property taxes

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Utility Assistance 

  • Must be behind on utility payment

  • May not be in Section 8 or subsidized housing

  • Applicant's name must be on utility bill

  • Submit an updated utility bill with application 

  • Submit proof of your last payment. We can match this payment up to $400

  • You must be at risk of homelessness

  • We do not accept applications during the moratorium 

Modern Neighborhood

Property Tax Assistance

  • Must be at risk of property lien (at least 2 years behind)

  • Must be owner occupied

  • Submit an updated property tax statement with application 

  • Submit proof that you are current on your mortgage


Your application will be processed within 5 business days once it has been received.


Foundation for Rural Housing

Please call if you would like an application mailed to you! Leave your name and address in the voicemail.

P.O. Box 314 
Oregon, WI 53575

Phone: (608) 238-3448 or (888) 400-5974

Fax: (608) 238-2084

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