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Supporting Working Families while Driving Business Growth.

  • This initiative is a network of businesses joined by the desire for a holistic approach in leveraging resources to provide innovative solutions to create work and life success for your employees.  The model links employers to take positive and effective action on securing one of our most valuable assets - our skilled workforce. 

  • The businesses who partner create a joint venture to fund an Employer Resource Network (ERN) with dedicated staff (shared Success Coach) to provide a range of onsite services.

Check out more information at the following website:  www.ern-usa.com or contact Jenny at 608-291-2603

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Expected Benefits of Joining an ERN

  1. Decreasing Employee Absenteeism

  2. Increasing job retention

  3. HR saves time on managing non related work concerns

  4. Increases productivity

  5. Employee job satisfaction increases