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Apply for this program if you need help with either a Critical Home Repair or

Past Due Property Taxes (3 years or greater).

The 5X5 Short-Term Loan program provides no credit check, no hidden costs, no prepayment penalty. There is no interest charge, however, there is a monthly service charge of $3.00 per month

Collateral (lien on property) and Home Inspection may be considered on a
case-by-case basis.

We DO NOT pay the applicant(s) directly; any approved proceeds go to
either the Contractor or Taxing Authority.

  • Max Loan amount to be considered is $5000.00

  • Max Loan Term is 5 Years. Loan Terms will be based on amount and affordability.


    Applicants must be age 55 years and older or disabled.

Forest Lake
To Be Considered:
  • Home Repair cases must have Property Taxes paid up to date.

  • Applicant must have Homeowner Insurance and retain it for the life of the loan.

  • Property Tax cases must have mortgages paid up to date.

  • Property Tax cases must be willing to be put on a Payment Plan with their Taxing Authority.

  • Applicant must have verifiable income.

  • Applicant must have ability to repay a monthly payment plan.

  • Applicant must communicate on a monthly basis with their HUD Counselor.

Income Limits Based on Household Size

To see if you are eligible for this program check your income limit based on household size using the following chart. We are required to use 150% FPL based on household size, for more information please refer to the guidelines here.

FPL CHART Graph 2024.png

Example: Using the 2024 HHS Poverty Guidelines | Household Monthly income needs
to be under $1882.50for a Household of 1 | under $2555.00 for a Household of 2

Download/print applications: 

Make a Payment on your Loan

To make a payment on your Short Term Loan please click on the link below

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