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Forest Lake

About the program

The Crisis Short Term Loan program provides limited loan amounts, low fixed rates, no fees, no credit check, no hidden costs, no prepayment penalty, and no collateral. The rate is set at 5% with a monthly payment obligation. Loan term based on amount and affordability (not greater than 2 years).


Last payment is waived if all payments have been made on time for the full term of the loan.  

This program is designed to:

  1. Eliminate use of Pay Day Loans

  2. Address a critical need

  3. To be impactful, have meaningful change

Income Limits Based on Household Size

To see if you are eligible for this program check your income limit based on household size using the following chart. We are required to use 125% FPL based on household size, for more information please refer to the guidelines here.

Comparison Table List Graph (1).png

Download/print applications: 

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